Ameti Akademie is launching
in Germany by working Doctors from Germany.

Overview of the course - Everything a Doctor needs!!

Our course is tailer made, especially for doctors, across the globe. The course not only includes the teaching of medical German language, FSP training but also the whole official process from VISA to application process of the student.

Visa Process

The first step to go to Germany is applying for a Visa. Once enrolled in this course, our dedicated team at Ameti Akademie team will take care of the Visa process, from booking of a slot to the proper guidance for all the necessary documents required for Visa. Achieving visa in India is one thing and extending it in Germany is another. Ameti Akademie will assist all its clients to get the possible extensions till you achieve a placement in German Hospital.

Defizitbescheid, only if applicable!

One of the most difficult document to produce, asked by the German consulate is Defizitbescheid. Our experience till date is that all our students are excluded from it. As an institute, we provide legitimate documentation to support the application process. 


    The basic documents to enrol yourself for this course:
  • 1) Certificate of MBBS Degree
  • 2) Passport
  • 3) A1 level German Goethe certificate (this can be produced later in the process).

Why medical specialization in Germany

Germany started offering medical post graduation to non EU people from 2011. The main reason behind this decision by the government was the ageing population of Germany. It is facing a shortage of employees in its healthcare sector, due to the high rate of retirement and increasing ageing population.

Considering the high level of competition in medical field, Germany is becoming a magnet for international doctors. According to statistics, the number of non EU doctors in Germany has increased from 24,595 (2011) to 48,672 (2018). 51% increase within 7 years!. It says a lot in itself!

Benefits of Medical specialization in Germany

  • Job security with only 40 hours/week
  • Extra payments for weekend duties, overtime, duties on holidays
  • Basic salary of 4500-5000€/Month Brutto
  • Freedom of choosing a super specialty in Post Graduation
  • Possibility of finding a life long supporting mentor
  • International collaborations
  • Work with advanced technology and equipment
  • Learn new techniques and widens your horizon
  • Make international contacts from all over the world.
  • High quality healthcare systems
  • Germany is a beautiful country with a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle
  • It is well-connected with affordable and fast public transportation
  • Learn a beautiful language called German
  • Open possibility to relocate to Switzerland or Austria after finishing post graduation in Germany since they have German as the official language.

Objective of the course

A student applying for this course should expect the following:
  • Visa Process
  • Medical German language (A2 till B2 + FSP (C1) training)
  • Application process for temporary license, known as Berufserlaubnis
  • Approbation application process
  • Course material for Kenntnisprüfung
  • Job application process
  • Ärztekammer registration for medical post graduation

Why Ameti Akademie

  • The classes will be in Germany, so you will be bound to speak German every time.
  • We have a native experienced (20y+) German teacher (trained in medical German)
  • For FSP training, we have doctors in our panel
  • Language and cultural trips to various locations in Germany (incl. in our course)
  • Classes are filled with innovative team activities
  • One stop solution for your language requirement and your application process
  • We have an experienced team which handles the application process
  • 100% visa success rate

Language Course curriculum

We use ‘Netzwerk’ for A1 level and ‘Heuber’ for A2 level onward.These are the same books which are currently used by most German language institutes across the globe. The books are supplemented by additional worksheets that are given from time to time.

German language A1-B2 level

  • A1 level is provided by our franchise in Hyderabad, India. This is a complementary level offered to you.

Basic Vocabulary / Simple Communication Medicine from B1 level

Preparation for the Special language examination: Fachsprachenprüfung (C1 level)

  • vocabulary medicine
  • Physical examination and documentation
  • Patient presentation / transfer interview
  • Understand specialist lectures and presentation skills
  • Doctor-patient communication in the hospital
  • Written documentation
  • doctor-doctor communication in the hospital
  • Simulation tests in the exam formats Telc B2/C1Fachsprachprüfung

Language and cultural trips to various locations in Germany

Services Offered to our esteemed clients

Visa documentation

We will take care of Defizitbescheid, if necessary

Translational Services

Berufserlaubnis Application Process

Approbation Services

Job/PG Applications. We have partnered with some hospitals over the years

We will arrange a pick up from the airport for you

Accommodation Guidance

Facilities provided at the Institute

Our institute is fully equipped with modern resources. Free Wifi is available in the campus. A library facility is available for the students in the Institute without additional costs. Our institue ambiance is apt for language learning.

Berufserlaubnis Application Process

The German word ‘Berufserlaubis means’ – permit to work. Our team at Ameti Akademie will handle all your application process from Berufserlaubnis till Approbation.

Faculty at Ameti Akademie

We have teachers, especially trained for teaching medical German language. According to recent surveys, only 50% pass percentage is in FSP exams. To avoid this, Ameti introduced special Fachsprachprüfung training for students. This is given by Specialists (Facharzt) practicing in Germany. This will increase the chances of clearing FSP in first attempt. 

What is FSP and KP?

Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) is an exam to get temporary license (valid for 2 years). This exam focuses more on your medical German proficiency along with your medical knowledge. Kenntnisprüfung (KP), translates to knowledge exam. It is for getting a permanent license to practice medicine in Germany. This exam focuses on medical knowledge along with medical German proficiency equally.

Activites with the students

At Ameti Akademie, we believe language is not only learned from books. We have various activities inbuilt, which makes the learning process fun and easy. Language and Culture based trips to various locations in Germany are part of the curriculum.

Your PG options and application process

We will guide you with your different PG options and its application process. We will help you to select the best PG for you. Once you clear your Kenntnisprüfung, you will be eligible to enroll yourself in the Medical Counsil.

Course fees and Registration

The fees for this all inclusive course is 18,750€ (15,00,000 INR, 1€=80Rs ). You need to fill a form with your basic important details in order to register yourself or this course. The admission is strictly on first come first basis. We have just 12 seats per batch. Our upcoming batch starts in March 2020. TIP: We advise you to register yourself a few months (ideally 5-6 months) before the starting of our batch. The official process takes some time.



No, there is no entrance exam for PG. One has to give an exam to get a temporary or a permanent license.

There are 63 graduate courses to choose from. After registering yourself with us, you will get a comprehensive list of courses.

In Germany, all the PG Courses are direct Superspeciality. So, it takes 6 years for a surgical field and 5 years for a medical field.

Usually the course is 9-11 months long.

You will start earning, once you get your temporary license. You will be receiving EU Blue Card salary. The salary will be more than sufficient.

Yes, doctors have to take duties. You are allowed to take a maximum of 4 duties in a month. The best part about these duties is, that you will be paid extra for it. 

Yes, there are fixed intakes for the course. The nearest intake is March 2020.

No, there are no prerequisites to start learning the language. Although, list of required documents will be shared with you to process your application for PG.

We have native teachers with us, especially trained for teaching medical German language. 

Course is exclusive for doctors. Strength of the class would be 12 as we want our teachers to be able to pay attention to every student. 

The atmosphere in our classes is casual and friendly. The medium of instruction is primarily German from day one. Our interactive method encourages the students to speak as much as possible. The various games and exercises used ensure that there is never a dull moment in the class.

Ameti Hyderabad branch follows Netzwerk for A1 level and we follow Hueber A2 onward. The books are supplemented by additional worksheets that might be given from time to time.

You may do part-time job, this depends on the Consulate. However, we advise you to first fully concentrate on learning German language for the first few months.

Unfortunately, there will be no reduction in the fees. A1 is a complementary offering by the Institute. 

Yes, we will help in everything. This is all included in the course structure. 

No, You should pay the full fees of the course before joining. We accept online transfers.

Ameti Akademie is located in Bavaria.