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Considering a career in Germany? Planning for your Medical Post Graduation in Germany? Are you intrigued in learning the German language? Don’t know how to advance further? Is COVID-19 swaying your study plan?

Germany is internationally distinguished as the industrial and economic powerhouse of Europe, so a working knowledge of the German language is vital for specialists in areas such as Healthcare, Business, Finance, Engineering, Economics, and politics. This online German course by Ameti Akademie, Germany will make learning the German language a little more natural and more rewarding.

Remember that mastering a language is a challenge and a long term goal for many. We are here to help you reach that vision faster and easier in a comfortable fashion. We all know that it does not happen overnight, but once you understand a language, you remember it for life!

Our course is tailer made, especially for doctors, across the globe. The course not only includes the teaching of medical German language, FSP training but also the whole official process from VISA to application process of the student.

At Ameti Akademie, we believe language is not only learned from books. We have various activities inbuilt, which makes the learning process fun and easy. You can also try our conversation activities and practice communicating with native speakers from our online community

Course - Online German-A2-C1+FSP Course

Online German-A2-C1+FSP Course

Modular further education of the German language as well as preparation for the specialized language examination with the aim; Acquisition of the temporary license to work as a Doctor; Berufserlaubnis or the permanent license; Approbation. The contents of the course are based on the linguistic challenges for foreign doctors in German hospitals

Target group

Doctors from different countries who are seeking medical practice in Germany.

Entry requirements
  • University degree in Medicine
  • Work permit / approval in the home country or study country
  • Language requirements: Goethe certificate A1
  • German language A2-B2 level
  • Basic Vocabulary / Simple Communication Medicine from B1 level
  • Basic Vocabulary / Simple Communication Medicine from B1 level
    • vocabulary medicine
    • Physical examination and documentation
    • Patient presentation / transfer interview
    • Understand specialist lectures and presentation skills
    • Doctor-patient communication in the hospital
    • Written documentation
    • doctor-doctor communication in the hospital
    • Simulation tests in the exam formats Telc B2 / C1-Fachsprachprüfung
Course Start date

15 April 2020 (Rolling registration)


A1 Level: Goethe Certificate( For A2-C1 Course)

Class timings

500 Euros/ Level (from A2-C1), 1500 Euros- FSP Training


As teachers, doctors and lecturers for German as a foreign language with an additional qualification as a trainer for medical specialized language courses are appointed. Learning materials are selected according to the target group. Situational tasks, worksheets, regular online supplementary materials as well as a library enables practice-oriented learning.

Course Fee

Upon request

Note:   The students are eligible to attend the offline classes at Ameti Akademie, Germany once the situation is free from Covid-19.